Our story

Dall’inizio, abbiamo cercato di ispirarci ai valori fondamentali del turismo responsabile

Emanuele RigaSocio Fondatore

Our Story

PeruEtico is a Peruvian Tour Operator headquartered in The Sacred Valley of Incas, a few kilometers from one of the World Wonders: Machu Picchu.

PeruEtico is born in 2005, out of the encounter in Cusco between Matteo and Emanuele, both from Italy. The next year PeruEtico opens to the public: a tour operator inspired by the values of responsible tourism. That same year, Camilo, Ainin and John join to inject more power into the agency.

As soon as we have the opportunity we like to find hidden corners far from massive tourism, places that we then help our travelers discover. Our team, a mix of Peruvians and Italians, becomes a team of experts due to the fact that we travel the country were we live all year around, leading us to guarantee punctual and effective assistance.

Our proposed trip experiences are customized, step-by-step, with the traveler. The Amazon, Andes and Lake Titicaca are our specialties, yet we also offer tours focused on gastronomy, rural communities, and honeymoons with extensions to Galapagos, the Caribbean, Uyuni Salt Flats, Atacama Desert, and the Peruvian coast.

Since inception, PeruEtico operates under the fundamental values of responsible tourism. Our trips are based in these principles: facilitate the encounter between the foreign traveler and the local population; an authentic experience of the visited country; appreciation for cultural differences and popular local tales; respect for the surroundings and priority given to eco sustainable projects; local guides and expert cultural facilitators; family-owned accommodations that are comfortable and cozy.

Through our itineraries it is possible to visit diverse local projects, subdivided in three areas: social and educational, accommodation and eco sustainable, and families and local communities. Everything through our experiences is with utmost respect for those who host and those who visit, for an authentic Peru, in a sustainable manner and if possible far from massive tourism. Visits occur under the guidance of cultural mediators, allowing travelers for the richest contact possible with the place and the people.

This sums up PeruEtico, a dynamic structure, with many ideas, a lot of enthusiasm and with the firm conviction that tourism in Peru cannot only be the necessary visit to Machu Picchu, but above all get to know a land full of history, color and many hidden places still left to discover.

PeruEtico is a Peruvian tour operator, expert in tour package, registered with DIRCETUR (Renewal N°273-2017 GRCusco), and it is one of the few in Peru to provide a comprehensive experience with safety measures in place. It has Civil Responsibility Insurance against third parties (La Positiva, policy N° 230096182). 

We group the best talent to offer you the best service

Our Team

Matteo Achilli

Italian, arrived in Peru in 1998 and settled in 2003. Founder of PeruEtico, an expert in the local gastronomy and social network.


Italian, Founder of PeruEtico, loves creating new programs and alternative routes. Customize your trip with him!


Peruvian, leads the admin area and reservations. Knows Peru and its facets, expert in resolving any problem.


Cusco native, provides invaluable support to PeruEtico, always attentive and ready to step in when needed.


Guida in italiano di PeruEtico, amante del suo paese, vi porterà alla scoperta di Cusco, Valle Sacra e Machu Picchu.


Tour Operator

Directly from Italy, him and his team, a tour operator, will help you find the best flights at unbeatable prices!


From Bologna, in Peru for many years, responsible for presenting the tours and assist during the trip.


Italian and Spanish-speaking tour guide, will take you on the most authentic city tour of the city of Kings.


Peruvian “doc”, with us from the beginning, experienced in cultural programs and assistance to the client.