In China, Peru was named the best bird watching destination in the world

The “Infinite Discovery” Awards reward the most important countries and stimulate Chinese travelers seeking trips with unique experiences dedicated to nature.

According to PROMPERÚ (the Peruvian Commission for the Promotion of Export, Commerce and Tourism), the average birdwatcher visiting Peru spends an average of US $ 2,958 and stays in the country for 17 nights.PROMPERÚ has recently announced that Peru entered the exclusive list of winners of the “Infinite Discovery 2018” Awards and was recognized as the Best Destination in the World for bird watching

The ceremony was held in the Concert Hall of the Symphony Orchestra in Shanghai. Jonathan Scott, an important wildlife photographer from Kenya and host of “Big Cats” (a BBC-broadcast series focusing on cats in their natural habitat) proclaimed the twelve winners.The group of judges that selected the winners is made up of world-renowned experts in the travel industry, famous photographers of the National Geographic magazine and also experts in wildlife protection. “Infinite Discovery” is the largest Chinese travel agency specializing in nature trips, and the annual list of winners is designed to be a powerful tool to promotes certain experiences and provides information effectively so that more and more travel enthusiasts explore destinations where nature is the protagonist.
Although the list is designed to meet the needs of Chinese tourists interested in this type of experience, it also allows an increasing number of travelers to understand Peru’s great opportunity for nature-based trips, as well as the varied options it offers.

According to the “Bird Observer Profile” developed by PROMPERÚ experts, there are more than 6 million people traveling abroad to practice this activity.It is estimated that 2.4 million people are interested in traveling to Peru, which would generate revenues of US $ 7 325 million. The expense of the birdwatcher varies between US $ 2,795 and US $ 3,221, and their stay varies between 16 and 18 nights. 34% of these travelers book a tour package. It should also be noted that Peru offers many well-positioned bird watching destinations. An evidence of this is that 79% of birdwatchers appreciate the great variety of species that live in the Peruvian territory.