Machu Picchu plastic free

The good news of the day is that, since December 18, it is prohibited to introduce non-recyclable plastics in our World Wonder.

The great Machu Picchu can make us forget all the rest, but what we cannot forget is our duty to protect the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And the first step is to minimize the waste that gets accumulated daily in the Inca citadel. Pursuing that objective, a norm that promotes the responsible consumption of plastics came into force.

The measure was approved last November 5 and aims to sensitize visitors about the damage caused by plastic waste to the environment. This is especially noticeable in highly tourist places and areas, such as Protected Areas and tourist attractions in Peru, among which the fascinating Inca citadel. In addition, this measure will contribute to the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, which are incredibly rich in this part of the world.

Useful tips to reduce plastic:

– Replace disposable bottles with reusable ones.

– Bring a good backpack: in addition to being more comfortable than plastic bags, backpacks offer a greater capacity.

– If backpacks are not for you, you can use a reusable bag.

– Use reusable containers to take food with you.

Reducing the use of plastic is very easy and its impact is so positive for the environment. It is up to each one of us to keep the wonderful cultural heritage of Peru in good condition and leave an authentic testimony of world history to future generations.