Travel philosophy

Customized trips to Peru

We start from the advantage that we live in Peru all year long, so we can propose customized itineraries and experiences given that we’ve traveled almost all over the country. Our “main courses” are the Andes: Cusco, The Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Lima, Arequipa, and the Amazon. You can include experiences of responsible tourism, gastronomy, adventure, archeology and day walks. We have also selected extensions for you like the Galapagos, Bolivia and Salar de Uyuni.

Responsible tourism

PeruEtico believes that tourism can be a tool for reciprocal learning and cultural enrichment between visitors and local populations. Traveling with us means having the possibility to customize your experience with visits to eco-sustainable projects, rural communities, local families, cooperatives and social projects. Always practicing respect like true travelers.


This is a subject that has always been in our hearts. On trip itineraries we prefer inserting, where possible, a beautiful walk or local forms of transport instead of tours in private cars. In addition, we like family-owned restaurants where one is privileged to consume typical local goods (0km) while stimulating the local economy. We carefully select local tour operators and accommodations that respect their surroundings and aim at reduced levels of water and energy consumption.


Through our trips, we aim for the rediscovery and appreciation of legends and popular local tales, the authentic experience of the visited country and recognition of cultural differences, the hospitality given by families and local communities, and the use public transport to enhance the direct contact with the local population.

Local economy

Our guides and cultural mediators are people native to the place, they will be your eyes and will tell you about their town or region. We hold the same philosophy as with the accommodations – warm and family-owned – also with meals in local structures.

Safety and assistance

During your trip we will be directly in touch with the personnel that lives in the place where you are, our WhatsApp is always available. We are always ready to step-in in case of delays, strikes, illness, etc.

Economic equality

Just and equitable work conditions and compensation for our collaborators. The demonstrations provided by the artisans (productive and creative processes) are paid to them by PeruEtico, so during the visits, you are not obliged to buy a product.

Other characteristics of our trips

PeruEtico creates customized experiences –with your choice of trip dates- ideal for honeymoons and small groups. We also offer group trips in the high season months, local mini-tours, trekking and walks, and one-day activities. Our goal is to offer a trip that is organized in detail with the feeling of absolute freedom.


Comfortable buses of optimal quality with reclining seats, DVD, on-board assistance and bathroom. The company we normally ride with is www.cruzdelsur.com.pe


Accommodation of 2 or 3-star category (double room/queen bed with private bathroom and included breakfast service). In case of a honeymoon trip or per specific requests we can offer upgraded accommodation.


Professional and skilled lovers of the country where they grew up, they will take you on a journey to discover a side of Peru that is not found on travel guides.