Responsible tourism

Peru Etico believes that tourism is a tool of mutual cultural knowledge and enrichment between travelers and local populations. Our trips are intended to facilitate authentic knowledge of the country you visit and foster contact with local people through cultural exchange. And we do that respecting the environment and with experienced and professional local guides. The ethics of Peru are recognized in the principle of “Ayni”, a Quechua word that expresses the concept of reciprocity: the visit to local realities always includes that they provide a service (accommodation, meals, local cooking classes, demonstration related to artisanal and textile
products, etc.). It is different from simple assistance and aims to create a more sustainable long- term local development, strengthening the identity of families and local communities. Therefore, traveling with us means including, if you wish so, visits to eco-sustainable projects, rural communities, B&B-style homes with local families (urban and rural) and community cooperatives. Any collaborator from PeruEtico, from the guides to the local communities, receives a fair salary for the work done, above the national average.

Peruetico is also committed to reducing the use of plastic and paper and finances a queuña trees nursery in a local community in the Community of Suttoc Paccha, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This project is done in collaboration with the NGO ECOAN. It aims to promote the conservation of endangered species and endangered Andean ecosystems and is carried out in conjunction with local communities to protect the habitat of these species, improve the use and exploitation of natural resources and restore degraded areas.


If you want to learn more about the local life, we recommend you spend a few nights with Peruvian families, discovering their daily life and cooking. We offer B&B options with a local family in different regions of Peru, from urban areas such as Lima, Puno, Arequipa and Cusco to more rural areas such as Taquile and Amantanì on Lake Titicaca.

Sustainability and

Respecting the environment is essential, even and especially when traveling. The reduction of the environmental impact during PeruEtico’s trips has always been at the center of our attention, especially at the level of plastic and paper use. Whenever possible, We select, local partners who aim at the development of alternative energy (solar panels), which collect and recycle waste and save water. We encourage the use of public transport and bicycles.


PeruEtico has been dedicated to experiential tourism from the very beginning. We discovered cooperatives and/or small families of artisans who share their typical food, art and life stories with travelers. These are truly authentic experiences that can greatly enrich your trip. Guiding you to discover these realities is part of our work, thanks to our years of experience here in the Andes.