All In One Day

The vineyards of Ica

Visit the vineyards with us and enjoy the refined aromas and flavors of this region, from wines to pisco (similar to Italian grappa), half a day of tasting and discovery.

Canyon de los perdidos

An off-the-beaten track tour to a 35 million-year old geological formation. A journey to the past, during which we can see marine fossils and enjoy a beautiful canyon.


Discover this pre-Inca archaeological complex, with its impressive funerary towers.

Agriculture and gastronomy

We will learn about Andean cuisine, first discovering the agricultural resources and the great biodiversity of the area, and then we will put it into practice with a fun cooking class and a delicious lunch.

Ceremony to mother earth

Half a day dedicated to visiting an Andean community and the ancestral ceremony of 'ofrendas a la tierra' (offerings to Mother Earth-Pacha Mama), discovering the cosmovision of this part of the world.

Kayak on Titicaca lake

For those who love adventure, here is an original way to go to the discovery of Lake Titicaca and its ancient traditions, with a day on kayak, on the blue waters of the highest navigable lake in the world, almost […]

Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo

The alternative rainbow mountain, few tourists and nothing to envy to the most famous and known!
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Humantay lagoon

Day trip to the Humantay Lagoon, a few hours from Cusco, a walk that will take us to this lagoon, with its crystal clear waters, close to the Salkantay Glacier.
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Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca

An unforgettable walk to discover the Rainbow Mountain, between Andean landscapes and majestic glaciers.
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Mini Inca trail

A beautiful walk away from tourists, in the heart of the Sacred Valley, all downhill along an inca path! For everyone!
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