The history of Inca Kola

Stepping off a ship in the port of Callao in 1910, a British immigrant couple called the Lindleys were starting a new life in the Americas.

Cuisine of Peru

Remember the proverb about giving a man a fish versus teaching a man to fish? That ancient bit of wisdom was well at work in an inspiring documentary I saw last week about three of my favorite topics: Peru, food,...

Giant otters, kings of Tambopata

A friendly animal, giant otters are isolated in small groups, in the Tambopata rainforest. Entering to the Tambopata jungle, tourists find a different universe in which they are recieved by immense trees and the sound of the jungle, surrounded by...

A new species of bird from the heart of Peru

A new species of bird from the heart of Peru remained undetected for years until researchers identified it by its unique song.
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